SS Talent Connect

People are at the centre of everything we do at SS Consulting. We have been helping people/businesses set up operations, navigate change, identify talent, build brand and most importantly help leaders design work environments that enable employees to thrive and not just survive. Over the years, we have been seeing a consistent success pattern when it comes to the talent that we connect with our clients and as a result, in 2022, one of our top priorities is connecting talent via SS Talent Connect. With an aim to give back to the professional community, through SS Talent Connect, we intend to connect top-notch & meaningful talent to businesses and vice-versa. We firmly believe in the philosophy of Equal Opportunity and view the talent connect as a two-way street in which both candidates and business needs are taken into account to ensure a fair collaboration. We believe that every individual and businesses have their own unique strengths and the best results are achieved when we position the right talent at the right place. If this is something that you or your business can relate to and is looking to acquire talent for a purpose -oriented journey, we will be more than happy to guide you through it.

The Human Capital Management of SS Consulting empower companies to transform their people challenges into opportunities. We do not believe in a “one-size fit" approach nor do we consider the human interventions to be a “one-time event”. We believe unleashing human potential to achieve business excellence is “a result-based journey”/ “an outcome-based journey", where we as talent experts in collaboration with our clients, offer professional people & HR system design advisory.

Our Thinking:

  • We operate on a set of principles that we strongly believe in and we walk the talk in all our client/business interventions. To understand US and the WHY to our business/people intervention approaches, read below our core principles:

    • We believe any strategic transformation/intervention can only be called successful, if you can see / is in the path of achieving, a tangible outcome to the input put in. All our interventions are designed on a result-based approach that allows you to objectively measure the output produced.
    • With change being the only constant and technology becoming an integral part of work culture, we see immense possibility in the human-machine collaboration using Internet as a business enabler. One of our key priorities have been upskilling ourselves with the latest technology available, creating and enabling protocols on how to implement HR-Technology based working models.
    • People are the greatest source of competitive advantage and we consider half the work done if employees can connect & contribute to the big picture. Best results are achieved through people-centric/empowered business models.
    • Disruption, change, pandemics etc.. if there is one lesson all these unpredictable events have taught businesses, is that only business with a purpose will sustain, others in all probability does not make it to them. To build, design, implement and educate employees on the purpose of the business existence has been one of our key focus areas.
    • Employee experience is the sum total of all experiences that an employee goes through in an organization, starting from on boarding to exit, the experience of employees reflects the culture of the organization. Developing a purposeful employee engagement strategy in line with business goals are key to success.
    • An HR function that facilitates flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness to the ever fluctuating business changes and needs, AdaptableHR is the future of HR. Our human resource interventions are based on an agile HR model.
    • Focus on your strengths and not your weakness! There are umpteen number of ways to do business, but the best way to function is by focusing on your strengths and doing what you are good at through your strengths. We focus on helping clients hone their strengths, discover hidden strengths and build a sustainable brand through a strength-based approach.
    • There is no one-size fit approach to business. Focus should be to identify rapidly changing customer needs, upskill and redesign into a customised business model.

What do we do?

Unleashing human potential of an organization requires an end to end understanding of the business, market and their customers. This is where the expertise of our team of HR professionals, headed by the co-founder, Anish Aravind, an HR expert with 22+ years of experience across manufacturing, IT industry segments comes in.

We operate based on our erstwhile industry experience, research-based & on-the-job tested best practices, changing business & consumer needs and customising each organisation’s unique needs.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • People Tech Advisory: New technologies are emerging day by day, the digital transformation is here to stay. Use of latest tools and technology is going to become one of the deciding factors for both, employees and clients, while choosing a/your company. Through careful study and work on the changing technology trends, we help build, develop or transform your business through strategic People Tech advisory.

    • HR Tech Advisory: Technology is no longer a good to have resource but a must have / a necessity. The scope of human-machine collaboration is huge as well as complex. Technology alone does not help in achieving results, ability to convert data derived into meaningful observations and strategy is how you stand out among your competitors. Our Principal Consultant, Anish, has been working extensively on designing business solutions using the internet as an enabler and have help clients accomplish results via technology. An active contributor and participant for all major Tech HR conferences in South India, he and the team brings in an abundance of experience and knowledge in the field of TechHR. In this day and age of digital transformation, we offer expert advisory to clients in building a technologically abled workforce and culture.

    • HR Technology Mentoring: Virtual working environment is the new normal and is here to stay. With a plethora of technology tools available in the market, success of any organization depends on their ability to choose the right technology / collaborative tool suited for their business. Studying and working on some of the latest tools, we have been helping businesses set up people strategy through meaningful insights derived from data obtained. We are passionate to derive and build results via data-analytics & hence mentor our clients to build a successful data-driven culture.
  • Branding: Quoting Jeff Bezos, “Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. What is the first thing that comes to customers’ mind they hear about your product/organization? What is it the one thing that you want customers to think of when they hear your brand name? We help clients build a sustainable brand not just for themselves but also for employees.

    • Employer Branding: Brand, the face of your business, is not your “logo” or “motto”. It is about - what your company stands for, your company culture that reflects on various client interactions, what your leaders speak. We believe building a brand is a business self-discovery journey, where we support the clients throughout their journey. We help establish a branding strategy by integrating your vision to the brand, creating a unique voice that reflects on all your business communication & work and also help you market your brand through world-class/ original content and design.

    • Employee Branding: As important as an employer brand is the employee brand. We help employees discover themselves through our “ Build Your Brand” module. Only when employees realise their strengths and can speak to their strengths i.e. build their own brand will they be successful in delivering results consistently as well as be the face of your company. Through carefully designed interactive workshops we help employees discover their personal brand.

    • Social Media Branding: Content put on internet is to stay forever! If you want to market your brand via social media platforms and are not on the top of the game, it can cost you high and mighty. Through auditing the already existing social media engage of companies and by redefining/refining the opportunity /target audience, we help clients design and implement a consistent branding strategy using purpose-driven social media tools.
  • Employee Engagement: Contrary to the popular notion of engagement through fancy High Teas and the likes, we believe in engagement through meaningful work and connect. Recent research shows, processes and technology affect only a very small percentage of employee experience. Majority of the experience that employees care about is the sense of belongingness to the company. They care about the kind of work and culture that has a purpose which they can connect to. We help clients build a compelling employee engagement strategy.

    • Employee Value Proposition (EVP): Our approach to employee engagement is through creating a compelling employee value proposition. The EVP then leads to a rewarding employee experience. We help clients discover how they are uniquely different from their competitors through a well-designed approach. We assess the existing perception of your company, derive insights, build a powerful EVP in line with the business goals and finally, communicate the EVP to employees and potential employees.

    • Employee Experience (EX): Employees are the biggest competitive advantage to any organization and hence, their experience is of utmost importance. Traditionally the focus has always been on customer experience and EX was given a back seat. Recent research proves the correlation between higher employee engagement and positive customer ratings. Our approach to employee experience is through creating a compelling employee value proposition. In collaboration with our clients, we help build a business case for employee engagement by assessing & distinguishing engaged and disengaged employee behaviours, identify engagement drivers and organization drivers. We help clients build an engagement culture based on meaningful data.

    • Purpose-driven company: Who are you? Why does your company exist? Answers to these are more important than any products, processes or technology. Successful businesses always the ones driven by purpose. It is the purpose that allows the company to sustain in the long run. We help clients define what they stand for, their values and help integrate them into the business they do. We also conduct workshops, in liaison with the client, to communicate and drive the purpose through/to the employees.
  • Change Management: Managing change is difficult but rewarding. The need for transformation is higher today than ever. Change management is not a one-time event, it is an evolving journey that needs constant and timely interventions. We help clients manage, plan and implement change to drive business results.
  • Leadership Development: A company is only as good as its employees and leaders. The culture of the company is a reflection of the leadership style of the leaders in the company. In collaboration with the clients, we assess the kind of leadership that the client wants and offer advice on model behaviours based on our previously proven models. We mentor leaders on how to truly lead by example by equipping them with the right resources to generate excellence in delivery consistently.
  • People Operations: With the constantly changing environment and evolving customer needs, the scope of people operations expands. From hiring, on boarding, development and finally to exit, companies need to be thoughtful in the processes in place ensuring employee inclusion and well-being. Keeping in mind the constantly changing ways of doing business/trends, we offer efficient approaches to designing and implementing the various people processes

    • Contribution a.k.a Performance Management: Performance management always comes with a negative connotation, hence, we use the word Contribution. We believe in establishing a work task plan that reflects each employee contribution to the final business outcome. We help establish transparent and objective frameworks that help businesses assess employee contribution.

    • Learning and Development: Learn-skill-unlearn-reskill, this is what changing business environments teach us. Life-long learning is no longer a good to have skill, but a necessary skill. We help companies establish learning needs by making early observations on changing business needs, identifying various modes of learning apt to the situation, create content and conduct any HR specific sessions. We help companies promote internal mobility via reskilling employees with changing requirements.

    • Rewards and Recognition: Employment is no longer is a one-way contract where employer holds an upper hand on the employment. Employees need to know “what is in it for me” in the task given to them. With plenty of opportunities a door away, employees constantly look for recognition, financial or non-financial, from their employer. Through careful assessment of employer and employee perception of R&R, drivers of employee motivation, evaluation of job roles and benchmarking with the industry standards, we help clients build a transparent R&R framework.